Until now, dating Gouda styled pottery has been rather difficult for all but the most well-informed collectors, while for others the story of “Gouda” ceramics has a beginning, a muddle and an uncertain end. The result has been a good deal of confusion – decorative items that are often overvalued, or later pieces that are grossly underrated.
One aim of this work therefore is to shine a light into the darkness by providing not only a detailed history of the major potteries but also enough information to help collectors accurately date their pieces, identify many of the decorators, and determine an item’s value.

Some 100 companies are included in this publication. Seventeen of these receive extensive coverage. Comprehensive lists of models and decoration patterns are also included. In addition to the large number of manufacturers, many of their designers, decorators and others are also recorded. Many moved from one company to another. An extensive list, of some 2000 names and occupations, now makes it possible to trace their places of work and their period of employment.

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